A family of products for critical communications and notifications

BroadBlast is an authorized distributor of Everbridge enterprise applications. The suite of reliable, secure and enterprise-ready products help keep people safe and businesses running. The Everbridge Platform serves multiple needs for numerous use cases:

  • Notifications to key stakeholders during emergency situations
  • Corporate communications with customers and employees
  • Automated outreach to on-call personnel, including IT teams, nurses and other shift workers
  • Multi-factor analysis of location-aware data from travel, network and access control systems to locate and inform employees in harm’s way
  • Efficient clinical incident communications to improve Emergency Department throughput
  • Community engagement and collaboration between citizens, law enforcement and local businesses

icon-linkSafety Connection

Allows organizations to keep their mobile, dispersed and traveling workers safe by quickly locating and communicating with their people who may be in harm’s way.

icon-mobileMass Notification

Enables corporations and communities to send critical notifications to individuals or groups to keep them safe and informed before, during and after an incident.


“Good communication is good medicine.” CareConverge pulls together multiple communication needs into one package perfect for the hospital or healthcare clinical environment.

icon-warningIncident Management

Fits the needs of any organization or government agency with customizable variables and a separate incident response plan by location, line of business, or facility.

icon-bellIT Alerting

Enables IT professionals to triage and fix IT incidents faster by escalating communications to key members of their teams to minimize the impact of IT system downtime.

icon-handshakeCommunity Engagement

Gives public safety officials and organizations the ability to notify visitors, residents and employees over multiple communication paths, including voice, SMS, email and social media, when seconds matter.

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